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Losing file cabinet keys is very common and can easily send your day into a downward spiral. You have important clients visiting your office and you need that file which is stuck inside a jammed file cabinet locker. What will you do besides panic? You need to call a commercial locksmith who can quickly unlock your file cabinet and give you access to its crucial contents. 

Don't struggle with your stubborn file cabinet locks on your own. All you need to do is call Lock Key Store and we will send our experts at your doorstep in 15-20 minutes. We provide 24/7 unlocking service throughout Southlake, TX. We arrive within moment’s notice and unlock even the most complicated file cabinet lock! 

Securing your documents:

File cabinets may act up from time to time but they are also necessary for keeping your important files and sensitive information safe. But that doesn’t mean you can eliminate the need for a file cabinet. Regardless of their unpredictable nature, file cabinets are a necessary addition to your office or home’s security. Lock Key Store can help you install a reliable file cabinet lock and also repair or replace the existing one, if needed. We can make you an extra set of keys onsite and also help unlock the cabinet if it is stuck.

Locks that we work with:Lock Key Store Southlake, TX 817-612-4748

There are many types of file cabinet locks that are available these days. Some of them are mentioned below:

Plunger-type Lock: While you need a key to unlock this one, it can be locked again by pressing the lock’s body. 

Cam-type Lock: A cylindrical lock that can be operated by rotation of backend machinery

High-tech Locks: Some of these include electronic keypad locks that come pre-fitted with alarms. If you are someone who loses key often, these locks are ideal for you. 

Keyless combination:  No need for keys to access these locks. They work on a combination. 

Lock Key Store experts know more such locks that can be recommended and fitted as per individual customer’s preference. Our technicians have years of experience and dexterity with sophisticated tools. We can fix all kinds of file cabinet lock and key problem within minutes. 

Not only do we offer unlocking service, we also provide several other unique services such as:

  • File cabinet lock installation
  • Repair and replacement 
  • key duplication service
  • Rekeying

And much more

Need an unlocking file cabinet specialist? Call Lock Key Store at 817-612-4748 today!