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Exit facilities have been mandated by the local authorities for a reason. In case of a building accident such as fire, earthquake or any such disaster, the structure must be evacuated. However, unless there is a clear exit way, it can prove to be fatal and cost a lot of damage in life and property. According to the building code, every structure has to install emergency exits to make it easier for people to escape in an event of a catastrophe. This is when push bars play a huge role! Designed smartly and for the purpose of quick exit, push bars are synonymous with safety exit because of its design and functionality. Today, almost all the buildings and office complexes have push bar emergency exits.

If you are looking for the installation of these exits, its repair or maintenance, then you can call Lock Key Store. We are highly skilled locksmiths, trained to handle push bar installation, repair and upkeep, for all our residential and commercial clients in Southlake, TX.

How push bars work?Lock Key Store Southlake, TX 817-612-4748

Push bars are fitted with a spring loaded bar that quickly unlatches and allows the people to exit the building without wasting any time. The door’s design is compatible with a panic situation, where occupants of the building can simply push the long handle bar and open the gate. 

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

It is a misconception to think that if push bars provide easy exit, they are also easily accessed. However, emergency exit doors, by design, can only be opened from inside of the building. Lock Key Store can easily install these push bar doors for your building, in compliance with the building code of Southlake, TX. 

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Lock Key Store is committed towards making your property safe. This is the reason when our clients seek our assistance for something as crucial as emergency exit lock installation, we take it very seriously. We ensure that you get maximum protection in case of emergency situations such as fire accidents, earthquake or any other natural disasters that can compromise the integrity of your building. It is necessary to have complete emergency exit arrangements to prevent any penalties. This is something Lock Key Store understands fully and provides 24-hour assistance throughout Southlake, TX.

If you need a push bar installation in your office, you must contact Lock Key Store at 817-612-4748 right now.