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Eviction is an unpleasant experience, for the tenant and the homeowner. These things often lead to vindictive behavior and some can even become threatening. However, eviction becomes necessary if the tenants display odd behavior, do not pay their dues in time or disrespect your property. In this case, what choice do you have but to remove the menacing tenant? If you need to make your property safe from threats of a break-in, you must call Lock Key Store, a professional locksmith service, immediately. We can provide you a full range of eviction locksmith services, round the clock. We have been serving the Southlake, TX for the last ten years, so you can completely rely on our services! 

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If eviction is a homeowner’s weapon, it also protects the tenants equally. You cannot someday just wake up and plan to evict your occupants. You need to go through an entire legal process of gaining authorization. You need to have a very strong case that your renters are not honoring their part of the contract or have provable ill-intentions because of which you want them out of your property. Once your legal work is in order, all you need to do is call Lock Key Store and we will take it from there.

Get your locks rekeyed

Lock Key Store’s eviction locksmith service is one of a kind. We don't waste time and send our finest experts at your doorstep within minutes. You can save a lot of money by simply rekeying the locks, rather than changing them, if they have not already been damaged. Rekeying is cost effective and just as reliable as lock change process. Rekeying your locks will make the old ones as good as new and the old key becomes unusable. 

Enhance your security after an eviction

There are times when clients are most comfortable with changing the entire security of their property after they evict a tenant. In this case, you certainly need to use a professional who is capable of pointing out security loopholes and can make your property safer. Since former tenants are well aware of your property, they can easily spot exploitable spots in your home, if they have that intention. However, you can rob them of that opportunity by using our eviction services. 

No need to feel threatened by an eviction. Just call Lock Key Store and let us figure out your home security plan!